Private Patient Clinics to see Mr David Cheung

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Due to COVID 19, many of the normal clinics where Mr Cheung normally runs clinics have had to temporarily cancel.

As of July 2021 Mr Cheung is running clinics to see self funding patients and patients with private medical insurance at The Westbourne Centre, The BMI Priory Hospital and Edgbaston Eye Consultants.

Unfortunately the West Midlands Hospital and BMI Edgbaston Hospital clinics remain closed.
The Westbourne Centre

The Westbourne Centre,

53 Church Road,
B15 3SJ

Tel: 0121 456 0880

0121 456 8140

Clinics held on
Saturday mornings

The BMI Priory Hospital

The BMI Priory Hospital

Priory Road
B5 7UG

Tel: 0121 667 8007

0121 446 1638
Clinics held on
Saturday mornings

Edgbaston Eye Consultants

Edgbaston Eye Consultants

22 George Road
B15 1PJ

Tel: 0121 456 3444

0121 456 3444
Clinics held on
Wednesday mornings

Forthcoming clinics for Mr Cheung

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Frequently Asked Questions

Probably about 70% of Mr Cheung’s patients live outside the West Midlands area. Indeed about 20% live abroad.
Mr Cheung often sees patients with quite complex eyelid problems e.g. patients requesting revisional eyelid surgery, patients wanting bespoke cosmetic eyelid surgery. Thus many patients come quite a distance to see him, rather than a general ophthalmologist or general plastic surgeon.

Mr Cheung normally runs regular clinics for consultation on:

  • Wednesday (7am-1pm) at the Edgbaston Eye Consultants clinic in central Birmingham. Telephone: 0121 456 3444
  • Saturday mornings (8am - 2pm) at the Westbourne Centre in central Birmingham 0121 456 8140
  • Saturday mornings (8am - 1pm) at the BMI Priory Hospital in central Birmingham 0121 446 1638

Due to these hospitals partaking in the national NHS resilience scheme (where private hospitals have offered their services for usage by the NHS), unfortunately some of these clinics have had to temporarily close or reduce in frequency.

Most patients living outside Birmingham prefer to see Mr Cheung at one of the central Birmingham locations. These are all approximately 10mins by taxi from Birmingham New Street Train station and 45 minutes taxi from Birmingham International Airport.
Currently 30% of Mr Cheung’s patients are from London: many of whom commute for their morning appointments by train, to arrive back home just around lunchtime.
Patients attending for eyelid problems rarely need to have dilating drops instilled during their consultation and are therefore usually fine to drive.

Look at the calendar above to check when a clinic is being held.

From August 2021, Mr Cheung's clinics for consultation will be on:

  • Wednesdays (7am- 1pm) at Edgbaston Eye Consultants in central Birmingham. Telephone 0121 456 3444 Website
  • Saturday mornings (8am- 2pm) at the Westbourne Centre, Birmingham. Telephone 0121 456 8140 Website
  • Saturday mornings (8am -2pm) at the BMI The Priory Hospital, Birmingham. Telephone 0121 446 1638 Website

Unfortunately neither Mr Cheung nor his PA have access to the hospital outpatient diary systems. These are run solely by them. Please kindly ring the clinic on the phone numbers above to arrange the appointment to suit you. You may be asked to leave a voicemail message since the clinics can be very busy.

Consultation Fees will be collected at your consultation.

Appointments are precious. To deter non attendances, from June 2021 both the Westbourne Centre and the Edgbaston Eye Consultants clinic will also be introducing a £100 appointment booking fee which will be collected at the time of appointment booking. This £100 booking fee will be deducted off your consultation fee. Any remaining consultation fee therefore will be collected at your consultation. This £100 appointment booking fee is non-refundable if you fail to cancel your appointment without 48 hours of notice. Please ensure that you arrive punctually. To see a new patient properly, Mr Cheung takes about an hour typically. Thus if you arrive late, Mr Cheung may not be able to see you and may therefore ask you to reschedule your appointment.

Please bear in mind that rush hour traffic congestion can be severe especially during school term time in central Birmingham and if necessary allocate additional travelling time for this.
If you have any difficulty booking an appointment, then please feel free to email Mr Cheung directly:

Mr Cheung’s operating lists are typically start in the morning and last until early afternoon. Most patients arrive on the day of the surgery about 30mins prior to their planned surgery slot, have their operation and then go home about 30-60 mins following surgery.
Less commonly patients book a hotel nearby for the night before and night of the actual operation. This is usually for convenience’s sake so that the commute is less rushed but Mr Cheung is quite happy for patients to commute back and forth on the day of their surgery.

Local Anaesthetic Surgery
Most patients undergo their surgery under local anaesthetic due to its lower costs and convenience. Patients often commute by public transport or are driven to the hospital by friends or family. For some smaller procedures Mr Cheung is happy for the patient themselves to drive and attend accompanied. For safety reasons, the hospitals where Mr Cheung operates may insist on patients attending accompanied for their surgery.

Twilight Sedation Surgery
Patients can request for an anaesthetist at extra cost to be present during the operation to administer sedation. Following intravenous sedation though, patients may have slightly slower reactions and are therefore advised not to drive nor operate machinery for 24 hours afterwards. They should attend hospital for their operation accompanied by a friend or family and can commute by public transport or be driven by car.

Due to medicolegal constraints affecting the entire healthcare industry now, Mr Cheung is no longer able to offer same day consultation and procedures.
Like most reputable hospital facilities, the hospitals at which Mr Cheung operates insist on a ‘cool down’ period of at least 10 days to allow the patient to fully consider the consequences, risks and benefits of any discussed surgery. If you do have a specific date in mind for your consultation and surgery, then please feel free to email Mr Cheung directly to discuss further.
An initial consultation with Mr Cheung typically takes about an hour because multiple steps need to performed to ensure patient safety including ocular surface examination, eyelid function, ocular motility, orbital examination, ocular fundoscopy, clinical photography, patient discussion and surgery planning. Following this there is a 3 stage consent process to ensure the patient is completely happy prior to proceeding towards their requested treatment plan.

Skype/ FaceTIme/ Webex/ Zoom compromises the consultation process too much to be truly useful unfortunately for the initial consultation. However with the advent of COVID 19 these platforms have been useful for remote consultations in the patient's care pathway.

Similarly patients can if they so wish correspond via email with Mr Cheung sending good quality 'selfies' of their eyelids

Patients may if they so wish perform an audio recording of their consultation for their own records. For medicolegal and medical chaperone purposes, all consultations are continually audio recorded and then encrypted and archived respecting patient confidentiality and data protection.

It is recommended that patients refrain from wearing makeup or false eyelashes for their consultation.

Patients attending for consideration for eyelid surgery ideally should refrain from having botulinum toxin injections for at least six months prior to their consultation.

  • Please note some patients incorrectly expect that by having a consultation with Mr Cheung, that a surgical or non surgical treatment option will always be recommended. They thus become disappointed when these expectations are not met.
  • Patients are reminded that an initial consultation with Mr Cheung is merely a consultation to obtain his professional opinion about their functional or cosmetic problem.
  • Having a consultation with Mr Cheung, is therefore not a guarantee that surgery or non surgical procedure will be offered or that their problem is going to be resolved. Indeed for many patients, Mr Cheung may recommend that no treatment is the best management plan for them based on his professional clinical opinion.
  • Patients undergoing minor procedures sometimes do not need to be seen again following their procedure.
  • However most patients undergoing more extensive operations e.g. double eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty surgery, cosmetic eyelid surgery, are usually seen at 1-2 weeks afterwards. Stitches are often removed at the appointment.
  • Most patients are then seen again at 3-6 months following their procedure just as a final check up. However many patients from outside the West Midlands are quite happy to cancel this final outpatient appointment and email Mr Cheung to reassure that everything is fine.

Mr Cheung's PA for private patients
Mrs Elizabeth Carter
Tel: 01384 632636

For technical questions relating to surgery and advice, Mr Cheung would be grateful if you would kindly direct any queries via email to him directly via: