UPDATE July 2021: Open, but differently.

The hospitals themselves where I practise have worked hard to make their care pathways as ‘COVID secure’ as possible. Many of you will therefore notice that there will be a few extra precautionary measures introduced to keep you and your family safe.

Unfortunately though due to the impact of COVID 19, the number of clinics and operations we can offer remains very much constrained. How much activity we can offer remains largely dependent on how much necessary extra reserve capacity the UK government deems it needs from the UK private hospitals for the NHS to function safely. This in turn is dependent on how the COVID 19 pandemic proceeds e.g. should there be a significant surge. Unfortunately though, like many cosmetic surgeons, many of my private hospital clinics and operating lists remain suspended due to circumstances beyond my control. The hospitals and facilities where I practise at present remain largely contracted to prioritise their outpatient and surgery capacity for use by the NHS first as requested by NHS England and the UK Government. Quite rightly, these organisations have offered their clinic and theatre capacity to the NHS first as part of a national NHS Resilience Programme to help tackle the backlog of more clinically urgent patients e.g. heart surgery, cancer surgery, orthopaedic operations, etc.


  • Our ability to offer clinics remain very constrained due to continuation of the NHS resilience programme.
  • We are running regular Edgbaston Eye Consultants, Birmingham on a Wednesday morning.
  • We are also running Saturday morning clinics at the Westbourne Centre, Birmingham and from August will be running a Saturday clinic at the Priory Hospital, Birmingham
  • Unfortunately my clinic at The BMI Edgbaston hospital, Birmingham and the West Midlands Hospital, Halesowen though remain closed.
  • Clinic details and booking contacts are available from

  • Similarly our ability to offer surgery remains very constrained due to continuation of the NHS resilience programme in the hospitals where I practise.
  • Cosmetic oculoplastic surgery is being performed in a COVID 19 secure manner at the Westbourne Centre.

I am very much still contactable via the normal channels so please feel free to do so if you need to.

Mr David Cheung
Consultant Oculoplastic Surgeon
July 2021

Mr David Cheung Oculoplastic Surgeon

Welcome to the professional website of Mr David Cheung, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon, practising in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Mr David Cheung Eye Surgeon

Mr Cheung is both an eye surgeon and eye plastic surgeon specialising in all kinds of eyelid, tear duct and eye socket surgery

  • Mr Cheung is a consultant ophthalmologist who sees and treats patients with all types of eye conditions e.g. cataracts, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, etc.
  • In addition, Mr Cheung is a consultant oculoplastic & orbital surgeon, meaning that he is expert in the specialised delicate plastic surgery of the structures around the eye and face e.g. eyelids, eyebrows, tear drainage system & eye socket; providing comprehensive modern management of functional/ reconstructive and cosmetic problems.

So why see an oculoplastic surgeon? …….Because habit leads to perfection…

..Now I understand why there’s a waiting time to see you and for surgery! You were so worth the wait though. I bit more expensive than my local plastic surgeon but so much more thorough. The plastic surgeon I saw before I saw you didn’t do half the tests that you did. I had total confidence in your care. Now to save up for my lowers! Thanks so much David!
Miss MB (Bristol). Surgery performed: Bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty with ptosis correction under local anaesthetic at the BMI Edgbaston Hospital, Birmingham

..Oh David, I don’t want to big up your head too much but what others say about you is true! You are where medicine, art, science and habit meet. As you can tell I’m so damn happy with what you’ve done with my eyes. Thank you so so much....
Miss MS (Manchester, Lancashire). Surgery performed: Bilateral lower lid blepharoplasty under local anaesthetic with twilight anaesthesia at the West Midlands Hospital, Halesowen

PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY: A message from Mr Cheung:
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Mr Cheung is very busy working both as an NHS consultant and in private practice. For this reason, he chooses not to run a social media profile but please feel free to contact Mr Cheung for any technical queries relating to oculoplastic surgery.