Patient Information handouts in adobe acrobat format.
Adobe acrobat reader can be downloaded from or using the first link below.
Some pamphlets are designed to printed double sided into a 3 fold format.
Important information for all patients undergoing surgery by Mr Cheung
Droopy Upper Lids
Hooded Eye Lids and Eye Lid Bags/ Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
Information sheet given to Mr Cheung's patients after blepharoplasty surgery
For patients undergoing tear trough filler treatment for under eye hollows
Inturning eyelids
Out-turning eyelids
Patient Advice Sheet by the Birmingham Skin Cancer Team for patients with BCC (the commonest type of skin cancer) around the eyes
General Information about Skin Cancers
Skin Cancer Prevention- The Sunsmart Campaign from Cancer Research UK
General Information about Thyroid Eye Disease from the TED society
For patients who are about to undergo eye removal
For patients with cysts and styes of the eyelid
For patients contemplating Oriental Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
Information sheet for the commonest skin cancer around the eye
Information sheet for patients with Bells Palsy
Information sheet for patients with watering eyes